Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the blue guitar

The Blue Guitar - 13.5 x 10" acrylic on Arches watercolor paper

I was thinking of painting something as a gift to a very good friend of mine and I ended up with this. I like it too much that I'm hesitating whether I'd keep it for myself or not. Hehe! I'm not sure if this is supposed to represent me..maybe. I do love playing the guitar and in a way, I could say that I prefer having the guitar with me when I sing in front of an audience. It's like, a shield of some sort for me. "Do your worst, I've got my guitar to protect me." This is probably what the painting means although I didn't think of it that way that time. Why a nude girl? Because I like to show my true self when it comes to my art and music. No boundaries, no pretenses. And now that I think about it, her hair flying wildly everywhere represents my need to be free. Free from the fear everytime I paint. It's like, there are times I'm terrified of what people would think of my painting. I also fear that I myself won't like it. I usually end up painting conventionally because of that restriction. However, what I do like to end up painting (this is my present goal) is something still reality-based but with a touch of a dreamy-like quality. And now I've been telling myself frequently that what people think doesn't really matter. It shouldn't anyway.

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